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What is a Mezuzah? The Mezuzah is a prayer scroll, handwritten on parchment by a scribe. The text includes the important Jewish prayer, the Shema, and two additional paragraphs from the Torah. The Mitzvah of placing the Mezuzah is derived from Deuteronomy 6:4-9 "inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates". We have created a collection of vibrant Mezuzah Cases to protect the Mezuzah Scroll and allow for easy attachment to any doorpost. Our Mezuzot portray the

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cornucopia of customs and beliefs of the Jewish faith. Several designs feature Jewish wedding traditions, such as the chupa or a full Ketubah text. Others are visual reminders of Torah writings - of Noah, Moses, or the Tribes of Israel. Doves, Torah Scrolls, and Trees of Life are just a few of the other icons we have used to create objects that are functional works of ritual art. Drawing on traditional Judaic symbols and celebrations, our Mezuzah designs offer a unique and beautiful way to help fulfill this mitzvah. To read the English translation of the Mezuzah text please click here.

Seeka Stars Mezuzah M1055Seeka Blooming Flower Mezuzah M0802

Seeka Stars Mezuzah M1055


Seeka Blooming Flower Mezuzah M0802

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Seeka Stars Mezuzah M1055Seeka Stars Mezuzah M1055
Our Price: $136.32
Seeka Blooming Flower Mezuzah M0802Seeka Blooming Flower Mezuzah M0802
Our Price: $132.06
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